It’s no secret that many people struggle with their own body image. Many fail to see their own beauty as others do.
That’s what makes a boudoir experience so special and unique. You get to see yourself through the eyes of someone else.
This experience is adventurous, empowering, and all about you.
The rules and limitations are all yours. Be yourself. Be free. Let your imagination go wild.
You deserve to feel beautiful.

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Sometimes we look at our insecurities as flaws. Those “flaws” are what make us beautiful & unique as an individual. We can be so hard on ourselves to feel perfect, or to look a certain way.. when in reality we ARE perfect & look exactly as we should.

I’ve been hearing, “well i’m not quite ready to book, I want to shed a little weight” but truly, does your weight define you? The only answer is no. It absolutely does not. “I just don’t feel as beautiful anymore” well darling, let me help you find & remember your beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments too where i’m down on the way I look.. that’s only normal. Lately what I’ve been doing, is taking a moment to actual appreciate the body i’m in. To appreciate the imperfections, and view them as perfections.

We all get bumps, and bruises, hair in places we wish we didn’t, stretch in ways we don’t want.. but that’s okay!!!

So do me a favour, look in the mirror today and remind yourself of all the good your body has to offer. Look at your eyes, your hair, your dimples, your curves.. look & love yourself. Tell yourself you are BEAUTIFUL, you are WORTH IT, you are INCREDIBLE, and most importantly- you are HEALTHY & ALIVE!

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Experienced photographer named Kelsey Lageri, based in Metchosin on Vancouver Island B.C.

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Offering intimate, personal, and luxury boudoir packages to empower woman and to have you feeling your absolute best.