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Well, hello there beautiful humans! 

My name is Kelsey Lageri, and I seriously am in love with being a photographer. It has been my dream since 2012, and I'm so lucky to say that I live my dream every single day.


A few things to know about me, I am incredibly easy going, loud, but fun and caring person. I am engaged to my wonderful best friend & have lived on Vancouver Island my whole life. There is just something about this West Coast lifestyle I appreciate and love so much.


I welcome everyone into my studio, with NO judgment towards any choices. My studio is a safe-spot, and I will never allow that to change. My job is to empower you, lift you up, make you feel like a million bucks and then some! Before any sessions are booked, I offer a phone consultation to ensure I am the right gal for you. Please don't be shy to send me a message with any questions at all.

Kelsey Lageri Photography 2021